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    Incident description over written by previously open incident with description field maximized

    libby.White Apprentice

      Incident description is being over written by previous open incident when the description field is maximised and second incident is opened from the HOME dashboard query item group.



      • We have two incidents 13760 and 13761
      • Open 13760
      • Maximize the description field
      • Close without minimizing the description field
      • Open 13761 from the home page dashboard query item
      • The Incident tab shows incident 13761 is now open but the description field is maximized with the 13760 description
      • Close the description field
      • The incident 13761 then have the incident 13760 description
      • Close the incident
      • Prompts to save, if save the incident description 13761 is saved with the 13760 description



      Steps to Reproduce


      1. Open Incident under Incident workspace tab

      2. Click to maximize description field




      3. Leave description field maximized and close the incident workspace tab.  Note the incident #13760



      4.  Open another incident from the HOME tab My Active Incidents Dashboard Item

           Incident description for 13761 is


      5. The new incident number 13761 is opened however the previous description field is still open




      6. Close the description window.  The previous incident 13760 description information now appears in the description field




      7. Close incident - it prompts you to save your changes.  If you click YES then this incident 13761 is saved with the previous incident 13760 description.