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    LANDesk AV 8.7 SP6 - Two issues




      I have two issues with the above which are logged with support, however I would like to asscertain if anyone else has encountered them (and even fixed them).


      Issue 1



      No alerts are seen in the alert log for alertable antivirus activity (e.g. file quarantined).  Alerts are being generated at the client (can be seen in alert.log.xml) however not appearing the alert log on the core.  I believe this is due to the fact that nothing exists in the alertnames table for this in the database.


      Issue 2



      When the antivirus service is running on a x64 bit server, attempting to copy an exe file via and rdp session to the same server causes the server to reboot.  This does not occur on 32 bit servers, nor does it occur if the antivirus service is disabled.



      Has anyone encountered either of these issues?


      Many Thanks,


      Darren Chapman