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    HEAT Remote Agent on WinPE (PreOSAction Package)

    markuszierer Specialist

      Hi there,


      i want to start of a request for a, in my oppinion, very useful script. Currently it is not possible to connect to a WinPE session for troubleshooting issues during OS Installation. There are some guys out here (including myself) who have created solutions using the free version of a VNC Server which will be started using a PreOSAction Package before the OS Deployment actions will be started. There are some things to know, but in general this can be done quite easy. And with the new VNC based HEAT Remote, you can even use the heatremoteviewer.exe to connect to these clients. Works like a charm.


      Now my question is, why should this not be possible for the HEAT Remote Agent as well. At the end of the day, it's also just a VNC Server. Because i do not have much time to play with that, i just did a short analysis of the HEAT Remote Agent installation. For me it seems it can not be impossible. The only thing to figure out is how to create the Remote Control ID in that WinPE session and how to hand it back to DSM. Once this is done, the Heat Remote Agent should be able to receive connections just like a regular one.


      It would be perfect if somebody from Ivanti would pickup that idea an creates an official solution for that, but i don't expect that. I would be happy if somebody here in the community would take that and figure out how to get it done. Would be nice if Ivanti could support by handing some technical informations to that person / group