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    Pick List Constraint Exception: Incorrect field reference

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      Scenario: Team Move Request Offering. Employee moves from Team A to Team B.

      Expected Outcome: As employees can be linked to multiple teams as per StandardUserTeam#.Rev2 relationship, I want to ensure that the Employee List (to select user[s] to move) displays users who are a member of the 'Old Team' and not a member of the 'New Team'.

      Issue: When attempting to use [StandardUserTeam#.Rev2]Team 'Not equal to' comparison as a constraint, I receive the following message:

      This does work if I use [StandardUserTeam#.Rev2]Team Equal to...

      Looks like it is expecting a relationship specifier involving Employee(?). I have tried also the reverse relationship but that, unsurprisingly, didn't work.


      Does anyone have any ideas?





      If anyone is versed in JavaScript (which I am not! ) then perhaps the following will help.

      Looks like this throws up an error: <tenantURL>/Resources/Script/t-AdminUIEx-2017_2_1_26741_1.en-US.js at line 1655

      Ext.Frs.ServiceProxy=function(service,method){Ext.Frs.ServiceProxy.superclass.constructor.call(this);this.service=service;this.method=method;};Ext.extend(Ext.Frs.ServiceProxy,Ext.data.DataProxy,{getConnection:function(){return this.service;},load:function(params,reader,callback,scope,arg){if(this.fireEvent("beforeload",this,params)!==false){var o={method:this.method,params:params||{},request:{callback:callback,scope:scope,arg:arg},reader:reader,callback:this.loadResponse,scope:this};this.service._invoke(this.service._get_path(),this.method,false,params,function(d,c,m){c.callback.call(c.scope,c,true,d)},function(e,c,m){c.callback.call(c.scope,c,false,e)},o);}else{callback.call(scope||this,null,arg,false);}},loadResponse:function(o,success,response){if(!success){if(Ext.Frs.Loader.SilentErrorHandler(response))


      I have no idea if that alone helps at all (the file is >19000 lines), but thought it worth mentioning even if it is a long shot.