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    Is Active Directory required for Management Server 10.1


      I have a lab environment which is part of a larger production vlan which I do not have admin credentials on AD.  All my lab machines and servers are part of an MS Workgroup "WORKGROUP".  I am attempting to use NETBIOS - Worgroups for adding clients between Management Server and lab test PCs, to no avail.  I keep getting windows errors "The directory property cannot be found in the cache."  I can search, see and select the machine from Select Computers, but I get the error when selecting the final OK.  I have checked the credentials, deployment group on server and file share permissions on the client.  On the management server I can get to the \\<client>\C$ from file explorer.  But I cannot seem to add a client using the WORKGROUP\Computer name.  I installed the client manually on a target machine using http://<Server IP Address>/managementserver/ and running the client install and FP upgrade, but it doesn't show on the management server's known computer GUI.


      Is active directory a requirement for connecting management clients to Appsense Management server?  If not, can someone point me to the documentation for doing it the NetBIOS / Workgroup way; I searched an cannot find anything specific for running the client and server without AD.


      Picture of Error:

      netbios error.PNG