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    Firefox v57.0

    Ryan.Barrick Rookie

      Is there a newer firefox template for v57.0 or something in the original template that needs changed? We had a couple clients upgrade firefox on their XenApp server, two went to 56.0.3 and another went to 57.0 and all three had issues with firefox crashing after the upgrade. When trying to launch after the upgrade it brings up the crash reporter and says the application had a problem and crashed. We reverted to the previous version.



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          Ryan.Barrick Rookie

          Thank you. Is there a way to migrate the the users firefox settings from application personalization into a WSG seamlessly?

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            randyb1 SupportEmployee

            Yes and no.  There's no button you can click to make it happen.  Here's a couple of options:


            First option is you can try this utility: EmpAppsToGroups-v1.0 .  This is an UNSUPPORTED utility, and hasn't been tested with all EM versions.  So I would highly recommend backing up your databases and trying this in a test environment before doing in production.


            Second option:


            1. Add an EM policy to export Firefox settings out of the bubble and into the local profile.  Then copy the files to the user's home drive.
            2. Once step #1 has been completed for all users (everyone has FF settings stored on the home drive)
              • Remove the above policy
              • Remove the FF application group from the personalization group
              • Add the new FF Windows settings group to the personalization group
              • Add a run-once EM policy to the logon trigger to copy the files back from the home drive to the local profile
            3. When users log in next, files are copied back from the home drive, and at logoff those settings are collected in the WSG
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              Landon Winburn ITSMMVPGroup

              As long as profile migration is turned off why not just export using powershell?


              Import-Module ((Get-ItemProperty 'HKLM:\SOFTWARE\AppSense\Environment Manager').ClientPath + 'EmCmdlet.dll')

              Export-EMPManagedAppData -App "FireFox"


              To do this just add a new WSG to capture the settings and then remove the FF executable from the Firefox application group. Leave the application group whitelisted. By doing so FF will no longer be personalized as the EXE isn't in the group but you can still access the data in the application group.


              In desktop created create a run-once action to run the above custom action. Just change the app name to match yours.



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                derrickfoos Rookie

                Have you tried this method using 10.X?

                It seems like as soon as you remove the executable from the application group Export-EMPManagedAppData  cant find the app group. I then added an executable with a different name (fakefirefox.exe) and then the command runs but as long the WSG is capturing the same Registry/Folders as the application group it does not export anything back to the local profile

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                  randyb1 SupportEmployee

                  derrickfoos Are you still working on this issue?  If so, email me at [email protected] and I can get you a migration template that we've been working on.