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    Default Delivery Method


      Is there a place where the default delivery method can be set?  Currently it will come up with "policy" and "Required installation".  But would like to change that to a "policy-supported push" with a custom delivery method.  Using 8.8 SP3.

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          Policy or Policy-Supported-Push is the same, LANDesk use only the policy part.

          Usually I create a default policy DM using a name that start with '@' or '_'. In this way the DM is selected by default 'cause LD GUI use alphabetical order.





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            Hi Jary


            The explanation you gave cannot be proven on our system LD8.8 SP4.


            In "Delivery type" we have:


            • Multicast (cache only)
            • Policy [default]
            • Policy-supported push
            • Push


            In "Delivery method" we have:


            • Axxx (entries beginning with A)
            • ...
            • Required installation [default]
            • User-controlled installation


            So even if entries are first in alphabetical order, we still get "Policy/Required installation" when scheduling a task.


            Can this really be customized or must a feature request be created?



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              If you boot a pc from the network (without scheduling a template for it) LANDesk WinPE will first ask you for credentials and then will show a dialog to select a template and the delivery method. This dialog shows delivery methods in alphabetical order, if I remember well also in 8.8 version.





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                Sorry, mea culpa, I didn't notice that this post was located in provisioning...


                I was talking about scheduling manually a task and then define the delivery method.


                Never mind!