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    Service Recovery


      I've dealt with a few issues recently where the AppSense User Virtualization Manager service is not running.  This is not an AppSense issue, it is caused by dependent services failing.  I notice, by default, the recovery settings on the services are all set to "take no action", so the service remains not started until the system is rebooted.


      Does anyone out there alter this for recovery?  Also, isn't the Watchdog service supposed to monitor and start the service if it gets stopped?  I've never seen any evidence of this happening.



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          Following up on this I did some testing.  We run 10.1 FR1.


          If I manually stop the EM service on my machine it never gets restarted by the watchdog.  I can see from procmon that the watchdog service is doing something every 30 seconds but nothing happens.  The same applies to the AM service.


          Am I missing something here?!

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            randyb1 SupportEmployee

            So my understanding is that the Watchdog service only watches for services that fail for some reason.  If the service is manually stopped or never starts, it doesn't do anything.  I'm currently searching internal documents to find more information, but the only thing I've found so far is this: Enabling diagnostic logging in the Watchdog agent .  I'll post if I find anything else.

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              Yes that does work, if you just kill the .exe then the watchdog starts it again, which is good.  It is just the 'never started in the first place' scenario which is the problem!

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                randyb1 SupportEmployee

                I believe I have seen a few customers set the action to "restart the service" with no ill effects.  Obviously, you'll want to test that.  And it would require updating your image.  You can't use EM policy to self-heal the service, since EM requires that service to run in the first place.

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                  It isn't a common problem and to be fair is nothing to with with AppSense.  We're seeing the nsi service fail at boot on some Win 10 systems which stops a whole raft of services from coming up.  User then is able to logon but loads apps etc and personalisation is missing...