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    HELP needed Studio COM 3.6 server 2003 & Studio COM 3.8 Server 2012




      I have server 2003 with Studio COM 3.6 with a VB6 application that is working on the old MC9090 scan guns without any issues. When I use the connection and connect the studio client on the MC92N0 CE7 the device will not connect and I get error "Menu end error 35006 The name is not in". When I connect the emulator client on the server it connects and shows menu and everything properly.


      I have server 2012 with Studio COM 3.8 with almost the same setup as server 2003. Connected the local oracle database on the server as needed and i can connect to the database and connection to the tables is working. When I connect to the studio client it does not work. First I don't even see the menu options for my APP that I see on the legacy 2003 server. It looks like it connects, but when I input the user and password it keeps giving me invalid user and password. User and Passwords are working. Was wondering if there is a way to get VB6 on server 2012 to see if that could be causing an issue?


      Please let me know if there is anything that could be done regarding this. I am on a time crunch to get this application going so I can decommission the old 2003 server.