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    Knowledge Editing Rule - Field not populated correctly

    DTurner Expert

      Hi All,


      Scenario: I have been asked to setup Knowledge so that 'Owner' is initially set to the 'OwnerTeam' Manager but can still be changed if required.

      Issue: I was unable to think of a way to set this up via Initialisation rules as there is no direct relationship to StandardUserTeam. Instead I looked to Editing rules in a similar fashion to Task#Assignment where the Team Manager is displayed on update of the Team. I setup the following editing rule:

      Cascade is set due to the default OwnerEmail and OwnerFullName editing rules. My understanding is that although I cannot setup an initialisation rule, I can do so here because OwnerTeam is validated so it creates a relationship to StandardUserTeam which I can call using the [OtherObject] specifier.

      The problem is that this does not work properly when I update the OwnerTeam field The field is set correctly once: at initialisation, but any modifications to the OwnerTeam does not result in the Owner changing.

      Now what I am confused with is that this does display correctly on a Read-Only label (like Task#Assignment)

      I believe I can easily resolve this by setting up a link field instead but I am convinced that shouldn't be necessary - can someone please let me know if I am overthinking or being stupid!