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    CI - How do I use existing fields?

    RyanW Apprentice

      I have created a CI for my Scan Guns (CI.ScanGun).  We utilize the serial number of each scan gun as its unique identifier.  I understand that I can create my own SerialNumber field within this CI.  However, in order for the list to display serial numbers properly, I would like to utilize the existing SerialNumber field that can be found in CI.Computer or CI.Printer.  However, I cannot figure out how to link CI.ScanGun to utilize that field.  I hope that problem description is clear.  Please ask questions if it's not.


      Anyone have a suggestion?




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          AlasdairRobertson ITSMMVPGroup

          Fields created at a group object level e.g. CI.Computer cannot ne moved to the Object level for example CI.  Thereofre these fields can be clone to other CI objects on a case by case basic by adding a new field to the CI type and making sure it is exactly the same type and size e.g. text(100).


          The easiest method is to create a new field for Serial Number at the CI level then you can use it at the grouped object level at it inherits from the top level.