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    Query for Bitlocker?


      Is there any way to build a query that will tell me if certain machines have bitlocker running?





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          zman Master

          Don't run it but if it is like other ones it has a service you can query for http://www.blackviper.com/Windows_7/Services/BitLocker_Drive_Encryption_Service.htm

          OS | Drivers and Services | Service. Should be pretty easy to find if it is running.

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            Actually, it doesn't list itself in the Services in that location, but I did finally locate it under  OS>Drivers and Services>Kernel Driver>BitLocker Drive Encryption Filter Driver and it has a status of "Running".   Is this a true representation of a machine that is actually using Bitlocker for drive encryption?. 


            I'm told and have read that the only way to accurately find Bitlocker running is to query the Win32_EncryptableVolume Namespace in WMI, which I can't figure out how to do with a typical LANDesk query.   I thought LANDesk leveraged WMI, DMI, etc to pull it's inventory info, but I can't find a specific document that tells me this, so I may be assuming something.



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              Has anyone found out how to do this? As we get close to our rollout of Windows 7 we're pretty interested in being able to report on the Bitlocker usage. It seems that Microsoft doesn't give you a way to cleanly disable the ability to turn on Bitlocker, so we are trying to find a solution to report on those who have enabled it.


              We want to wait until we're ready to rollout Bitlocker before enabling it for our users



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                If you are using multiple encryptions... or you are moving to a new one, and you are doing queries for who is encrypted. etc.

                All windows 7 will respond to the queries listed above, it is easier / more accurate to do a check to see if the bitlocker service is running.

                "Computer"."OS"."Drivers and Services"."Service"."Status"  =  "Running"

                "Computer"."OS"."Drivers and Services"."Service"."Name"  =  "BitLocker Drive Encryption Service"

                < That did it for me.