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    Incident Management is Moving! Log your Feature Request on User Voice!!!


      Enhancement Requests are getting a new home!

      Alle Kunden haben bislang ihre Issues und Feature Requests über dieses Portal geloggt: https://support.heatsoftware.com/

      Da dieses Portal in Kürze geschlossen wird, möchten wir unsere Kunden bitten:

      1. Wichtige Feature Requests über das neue Portal "UserVoice" zu loggen. Direkter Einstiegspunkt für DSM-Ideen. Diese Portal steht ab sofort zur Verfügung. Bitte beachten Sie, dass alle anderen Mitglieder Ihre Feature-Anfragen sehen und für sie stimmen können.
      2. Alle Issues, die Sie seither bei Ivanti gemeldet haben, können aller Voraussicht nach ab dem 4.12.2017 auf dieser Seite eingesehen werden. Neue Issues müssen ab diesem Datum direkt dort aufgegeben werden.

      Weitere Ankündigungen finden Sie auf https://support.heatsoftware.com/

      Sie sollten innerhalb der nächsten zwei Wochen eine entsprechende E-mail erhalten.


      All customers have so far logged their Issues and Feature Requests through this portal: https://support.heatsoftware.com/

      As this portal will be closed shortly, we would like to ask our customers:

      1. Log important feature requests via the new portal "UserVoice". Direct entry point for DSM ideas. This portal is available now. Please note that all other members can see and vote for your feature requests.
      2. All issues that you have already reported to Ivanti, can be checkt on the 4th Dec. 2017 on this page. New issues must be posted there as well.

      More announcements can be found at https://support.heatsoftware.com/

      You should receive an e-mail within the next two weeks.


      Ivanti customers raise new feature requests in different ways across our product lines currently. To unify request methods Ivanti is introducing a new, dedicated customer platform to replace Community Ideas Portal. UserVoice is an industry-leading solution for collating, socializing and prioritizing customer feedback.


      New and Improved

      UserVoice has powerful new tools as well as popular features like voting and keyword search found in the Community Ideas Portal. Through UserVoice, we'll better understand your needs and feedback. With your help, we'll know how and in which order we should implement your suggestions.


      What's Next?

      We reviewed the ideas you logged, voted and commented on in the Ivanti Community. You'll see those we would consider adding to future products and with a significant number of votes in UserVoice. You can vote and comment on these again if you wish.


      We read all ideas submitted to the IvantiCommunity and we're looking forward to seeing even more of your ideas in UserVoice.  We'd like to thank you for your continued support and enthusiasm for Ivanti Products.