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    **UPDATE Intermittent issues with background search showing zero (0) results

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      I'm reaching out because I've come across an interesting issue.



      I administer the knowledge management module to our department and I'm having difficulty with results only showing for one single group.

      Knowledge Settings:
      My current server settings are as follows:

      • Title field in New Call,New Incident, & New Request windows configured as 'knowledgeable' with the losefocus trigger for search and retrieve
      • Knowledge scheduled to build every morning at 1AM
      • Search results set to retrieve and display 35 results at a time.



      It appears to be a permission based issue.  I have had affected staff members try on multiple devices and using multiple browsers and yet the same issue still arises.


      • I have assessed the index folder and files on the server based on the instructions found in this article - Troubleshooting when Knowledge Search isn't working  however everything seems in order.
      • I have removed an affected LANDesk account from the role, refreshed and re-added to see if this would fix any permission based issues; but to no resolve.
      • In addition to making the above change, I've advised to wait for 24hrs until the knowledge has been built as scheduled; still no resolve, even after 2 days
      • I've added them to the group that works to find that when toggling to that group, the search results appear!


      Any advise or assistance would be greatly appreciated folks,


      Kind regards


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          GusWhitehouse Rookie

          Managed to resolve this folks by following these steps:

          To specify knowledge domains for groups:

          1. In the Administration component, on the User Management tree, open the required group.

          2. On the Actions list, click Manage Knowledge Domains.

          The Manage Knowledge Domains dialog appears.

          3. In the Available Knowledge Domains list, select the required domain then click .

          The Knowledge domain category is added to the Selected Knowledge Domains list.

          NOTE: If you select the parent category, all of its child categories are automatically added. If you do not want to

          include parent categories, then you can navigate to the specific category and add that on its own.

          4. Repeat as required, then click OK.

          5. Click SAVE.

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