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    calculated attribut not possible as placeholder?

    martin_clh Apprentice

      I want to create an email assignment with formatted text including placeholders.


      Thats how it looks like:

      <b> Task-ID:</b>  {Id} <br>

      <b> Task-Title: </b>  {Title}   <br>

      <b> Details: </b> {Description}   <br>

      <b> Zusammenfassung: </b> {_Zusammenfassung} <br>

      <b> Amos </b> {_AmosRollenListe}  <br>

      <b> File Berechtigung: </b>  {_Laufwerksberechtigung}  <br>

      <b> Arbeitsplatz : </b> {_Arbeitsplatzbeschreibung} <p>


      Title, Description, Amos, file Berechtigung and Arbeitsplatz are string types.

      Zusammenfassung is a calculation of some of these attributes:


      import System

      static def GetAttributeValue(Activity):

          Value = Activity.HrTitle +"\n"


          if Activity._Laufwerksberechtigung != null:

              Value = Value + "File Berechtigung: " + Activity._Laufwerksberechtigung + "\n"

          if Activity._PCRequired != null:

              Value = Value + "Arbeitsplatz " + Activity._Arbeitsplatzbeschreibung + "\n"

          return Value


      All placeholder values are fine except the calculated value Zusammenfassung. This placeholder is empty, although the calculation is okay and filled properly with the text from the calculation.

      I tried to add another calculated attribute and this is also not working as a placeholder.

      Can calculated attributes used as a placeholder at all?