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    Software Distribute using landesk

    AaronJosh Apprentice

      Hi Ma'am & Sir,


      Can you teach me how to configure software distribution in Ivanti Endpoint Console? This would be helpful


      Thank you



      Astilla Aaron

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          MarXtar ITSMMVPGroup

          Hi, this is a short question with a very long answer


          If you haven't already looked at this, try the elearning videos as they can help by introducing you to the basic functionality. E-Learning Systems and Security Management


          If you haven't already been on a training course and you are going to be responsible for your environment then going on one of the Boot Camp courses would have great benefit.


          Just remember that any training course is the beginning of your learning; Management Suite/Endpoint Manager is extremely powerful and flexible so any training will just give you a foundation from which to build upon.


          You can also talk to partners such as ourselves that can go more in-depth in certain areas than standard training but it is well worth getting the foundations laid first.


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