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    Registry entry after Policy based ditribution

    Johann Apprentice



      we're currently using 8.7 SP6 and until now only used the Push to deliver installation packages.

      Now we want to use Policy as delivery method to make some kind of systembased sofwaredeployment. So that for example a computersystem with the name "Alpha" gets the Software packages "One" "Two" and "Four". After a hardware error it has to be reinstalled. With Policy as Delivery method LANDesk recognizes that the Sofware packages "One" "Two" and "Four" are not installed and it will deploy them again. Please correct me, if Im wrong.


      What to do with the already installed Sofwarepackages? I can't put the systems into the appropriate tasks again, because they would install the Packages again.

      How can I tell LANDesk that the Packages are already installed (even if they are only installed with a push task)? I thought to deliver the Regkey

      HKLM\SOFTWARE\Intel\LANDesk\LDWM\AppHealing\Agent\AMClient\APM\PolicyCache\"Package ID"

      to the affected systems, but it didn't work.


      Could someone please help me?

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          phoffmann SupportEmployee

          It depends ... if you mean that "after a hardware error" you had to re-install the OS (from scratch), with the same hostname ... it sort of depends ...


          See, policies are - ultimately - targetting COMPUTER_IDN's (machine ID's) ... this is true whether you use a "static list of targets", a LD-query or an AD-query for targeting your policies. The difference is in the detail...


          ... if you use(d) a static list of devices, you could be OK (because the new install would require a new agent to be installed ... depending on your configuration of the LANDesk inventory service, we would then either restore the OLD device ID, or accept the inventory scan with the new device-id (and thus generate a 2nd entry, even though the host name is identical).


          LANDesk Queries are a bit trickier, as it depends what exactly you're query'ing on. The important thing to remember here though is that they get re-resolved every so-and-so long time period (by default - one hour) ... so here it depends what you're query'ing ON...


          AD-queries are the most likely case where "yes, the policies will be re-applied", since the relevant AD-information (be it user or machine-based) will be matching up against both old and new records (if you have both), so this should happen any way.


          The crux here really is more about "how do you do this in detail" ...




          Also, in regards to your thoughts - in theory you can do this (fiddling with the client-side registry, I mean) ... but there's a bit more to it. And - why exactly do you want to prevent this being re-installed ... if the device had to be re-formatted, surely you need your software to be re-installed as well, no?


          More information on the situation may help a bit more.


          Paul Hoffmann

          LANDesk EMEA Technical Lead

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            Johann Apprentice

            Hi Paul,


            thanks for your hints in the first part of your answer regarding the Query-Group-AD-thing!


            I made groups where I put in all machines where a specific software has to be installed. But some of the machines in this group have already installed this sofware via Push Task. So when I start the Policy Task, it installs again. This is why I want to tell LANDesk somehow that this Package already is installed on the Client (although it is not really the same package but the same Sofware). Do you know what I mean?


            Kind regards


            Johann Haag

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              Try checking the detection settings on the package.  Find a registry key or file that exists only when the package is installed.  This will tell LANDesk that although the device is part of the installation job that it's already been done, so it shouldn't do it again.



              To check those settings, go to Distribution Packages and open the one you are working with.  From there you should see a detection option on the left.  Click there and add something to indicate how the machine should look after the package is installed.


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                Johann Apprentice

                As far as I know this detection only applies to "depdendent packages" and not to the package itself.

                Please tell me if I am wrong.