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    Task sequence stops as USB network adapter not installed in Windows 10

    PhilsterUK Apprentice

      I have some HP X2 210 devices.


      As they are tablet / laptop hybrids they are a bit short of inputs so don't have a network socket.  So I have to use a HP USB network adapter.  This all works fine and the task sequence starts.


      The OS is installed, the drivers are installed etc until the first reboot into the OS where it would normally continue and install the Ivanti Agent and all the apps etc.


      However at this point nothing happens as it seems that the USB network adapter isn't found and installed.


      But I can continue the task sequence if I remove and reinsert the USB network adapter.  Windows 10 picks it up instantly as the drivers are there (injected earlier in the task).  The task sequence continues.


      I really want the USB adapter to be picked up when the device restarts and the task sequence to continue normally without manual intervention.


      Can anyone help?