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    Does anyone have a clever way of deploying the Ivanti Management Console to client machines using... the Ivanti Management Console?

    samurainigel Apprentice

      It's killing me. I've searched and searched, and as you can imagine from the keywords needed, it's difficult to find information on deploying the actual console from the console. Methods I've tried and their results:


      Extracting the self-extracting Ivanti2017-3.exe file that I downloaded from Ivanti to the core, then creating and scheduling a new distribution package for executable and including all of those unzipped files. I've tried the scheduled task two ways, one where it downloads everything and then executes (this did not work at all, I am guessing because it has to enumerate around 13,000 files) and one where we execute right from the core (which works on a small number of machines, and very slowly, likely due to so many clients trying to execute the same installation from the same source.)


      Creating and scheduling an executable package for the self-extracting Ivanti2017-3.exe file, passing it the the switches I want for the actual setup.exe, and hoping it sends those along when it extracts and tries to run setup. Hint, it doesn't. Task just gets hung, I assume because it never actually properly launches the setup.exe with my switches (which are: /update /S feature=RemoteConsole, btw)


      Creating and scheduling a .bat package that first calls the self-extracting Ivanti2017-3.exe file, then tries to execute C:\Ivanti2017-3\Setup.exe with my switches, since that's where it extracts to. This fails with an exit code of 17234. I can actually see setup running on the machine, but nothing ever seems to happen.


      Extracting the self-extracting Ivanti2017-3.exe file, then RE-zipping those files up, creating a batch package that also copies down the command line version of 7zip, the newly created zip file with all of the the Ivanti Management Console contents, then having the batch execute the command-line z7ip, extracting the contents of the zipped up Ivanti stuff, then the batch file tries to execute the Ivanti setup.exe file with my switches. I can't actually remember why this failed, but I do remember it didn't work.


      I'm out of ideas, and can provide logs if someone can help. I just don't knwo why it's so difficult to deploy the console with the console.


      Thanks in advance!