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    IEM 2017.3 SQL express error during install, which then leads to datamart error...

    EZ Apprentice

      Hi There the env is a windows 2016 server and IEM 2017.3 install and it give this warning / error at the express step:

      Overall summary:

        Final result:                  Failed: see details below

        Exit code (Decimal):           -2068578303

        Exit facility code:            1204

        Exit error code:               1

        Exit message:                  The specified value for setting 'SAPWD' is invalid. The expected value type is SqlSecureString.

        Start time:                    2017-11-30 09:19:37

        End time:                      2017-11-30 09:19:44

        Requested action:              Install



      Machine Properties:

        Machine name:                  AUSLDEV-HEAT1

        Machine processor count:       4

        OS version:                    Microsoft Windows Server 2016 Standard (10.0.14393)

        OS service pack:              

        OS region:                     Australia

        OS language:                   English (United States)

        OS architecture:               x64

        Process architecture:          64 Bit

        OS clustered:                  No



      Product features discovered:

        Product              Instance             Instance ID                    Feature                                  Language             Edition              Version         Clustered  Configured



      Package properties:

        Description:                   Microsoft SQL Server 2016

        ProductName:                   SQL Server 2016

        Type:                          RTM

        Version:                       13

        Installation location:         C:\ProgramData\LANDesk\Temp\Install\SQLEX\sqlex\x64\setup\

        Installation edition:          Express



        Slipstream:                    True



      Product Update Status:

        None discovered.



      User Input Settings:

        ACTION:                        Install


        AGTSVCACCOUNT:                 <empty>

        AGTSVCPASSWORD:                <empty>

        AGTSVCSTARTUPTYPE:             Manual

        ASBACKUPDIR:                   Backup

        ASCOLLATION:                   Latin1_General_CI_AS

        ASCONFIGDIR:                   Config

        ASDATADIR:                     Data

        ASLOGDIR:                      Log

        ASPROVIDERMSOLAP:              1


        ASSVCACCOUNT:                  <empty>

        ASSVCPASSWORD:                 <empty>

        ASSVCSTARTUPTYPE:              Automatic

        ASSYSADMINACCOUNTS:            <empty>

        ASTELSVCACCT:                  <empty>

        ASTELSVCPASSWORD:              <empty>

        ASTELSVCSTARTUPTYPE:           0

        ASTEMPDIR:                     Temp

        BROWSERSVCSTARTUPTYPE:         Disabled

        CLTCTLRNAME:                   <empty>

        CLTRESULTDIR:                  <empty>

        CLTSTARTUPTYPE:                0

        CLTSVCACCOUNT:                 <empty>

        CLTSVCPASSWORD:                <empty>

        CLTWORKINGDIR:                 <empty>

        COMMFABRICENCRYPTION:          0


        COMMFABRICPORT:                0


        CTLRSTARTUPTYPE:               0

        CTLRSVCACCOUNT:                <empty>

        CTLRSVCPASSWORD:               <empty>

        CTLRUSERS:                     <empty>

        ENABLERANU:                    false

        ENU:                           true

        EXTSVCACCOUNT:                 <empty>

        EXTSVCPASSWORD:                <empty>

        FEATURES:                      SQLENGINE

        FILESTREAMLEVEL:               0

        FILESTREAMSHARENAME:           <empty>

        FTSVCACCOUNT:                  <empty>

        FTSVCPASSWORD:                 <empty>

        HELP:                          false



        INDICATEPROGRESS:              false

        INSTALLSHAREDDIR:              <empty>

        INSTALLSHAREDWOWDIR:           <empty>

        INSTALLSQLDATADIR:             <empty>

        INSTANCEDIR:                   C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\

        INSTANCEID:                    <empty>

        INSTANCENAME:                  LDMSDATA

        ISSVCACCOUNT:                  NT AUTHORITY\Network Service

        ISSVCPASSWORD:                 <empty>

        ISSVCSTARTUPTYPE:              Automatic

        ISTELSVCACCT:                  <empty>

        ISTELSVCPASSWORD:              <empty>

        ISTELSVCSTARTUPTYPE:           0


        MATRIXCMSERVERNAME:            <empty>

        MATRIXNAME:                    <empty>


        NPENABLED:                     0

        PBDMSSVCACCOUNT:               <empty>

        PBDMSSVCPASSWORD:              <empty>

        PBDMSSVCSTARTUPTYPE:           0

        PBENGSVCACCOUNT:               <empty>

        PBENGSVCPASSWORD:              <empty>

        PBENGSVCSTARTUPTYPE:           0

        PBPORTRANGE:                   <empty>

        PBSCALEOUT:                    false

        PID:                           *****

        QUIET:                         true

        QUIETSIMPLE:                   false

        ROLE:                          AllFeatures_WithDefaults

        RSINSTALLMODE:                 DefaultNativeMode

        RSSHPINSTALLMODE:              DefaultSharePointMode

        RSSVCACCOUNT:                  <empty>

        RSSVCPASSWORD:                 <empty>

        RSSVCSTARTUPTYPE:              Automatic

        SAPWD:                         <empty>

        SECURITYMODE:                  <empty>

        SQLBACKUPDIR:                  <empty>

        SQLCOLLATION:                  SQL_Latin1_General_CP1_CI_AS

        SQLSVCACCOUNT:                 <empty>

        SQLSVCINSTANTFILEINIT:         false

        SQLSVCPASSWORD:                <empty>

        SQLSVCSTARTUPTYPE:             Automatic

        SQLSYSADMINACCOUNTS:           <empty>

        SQLTELSVCACCT:                 <empty>

        SQLTELSVCPASSWORD:             <empty>

        SQLTELSVCSTARTUPTYPE:          0

        SQLTEMPDBDIR:                  <empty>

        SQLTEMPDBFILECOUNT:            0

        SQLTEMPDBFILEGROWTH:           -1

        SQLTEMPDBFILESIZE:             -1

        SQLTEMPDBLOGDIR:               <empty>


        SQLTEMPDBLOGFILESIZE:          -1

        SQLUSERDBDIR:                  <empty>

        SQLUSERDBLOGDIR:               <empty>


        TCPENABLED:                    0

        UIMODE:                        AutoAdvance

        UpdateEnabled:                 true

        UpdateSource:                  Slipstream

        USEMICROSOFTUPDATE:            false

        X86:                           false



        Configuration file:            C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\130\Setup Bootstrap\Log\20171130_091931\ConfigurationFile.ini



      Rules with failures:



      Global rules:



      Scenario specific rules:



      Rules report file:               The rule result report file is not available.



      Exception summary:

      The following is an exception stack listing the exceptions in outermost to innermost order

      Inner exceptions are being indented



      Exception type: Microsoft.SqlServer.Chainer.Infrastructure.InputSettingValidationException


              The specified value for setting 'SAPWD' is invalid. The expected value type is SqlSecureString.

          HResult : 0x84b40001

              FacilityCode : 1204 (4b4)

              ErrorCode : 1 (0001)


            SQL.Setup.FailureCategory = InputSettingValidationFailure

            DisableWatson = true


              at Microsoft.SqlServer.Chainer.Infrastructure.InputSettingService.SaveInputSettingValueAsString(Setting setting, InputSettingSource source, String[] stringValues)

              at Microsoft.SqlServer.Chainer.Infrastructure.InputSettingService.SaveInputSettingValueToObject(Setting setting, InputSettingSource source, List`1 values)

              at Microsoft.SqlServer.Chainer.Infrastructure.InputSettingService.SaveParsedArgumentsIntoSettings(InputSettingSource source, Dictionary`2 parsedArguments, Boolean chainerSetting, Boolean ignoreSettingsForNotAllowedScnearios)

              at Microsoft.SqlServer.Configuration.BootstrapExtension.ProcessFeatureCommandLineArgumentsAction.ExecuteAction(String actionId)

              at Microsoft.SqlServer.Chainer.Infrastructure.Action.Execute(String actionId, TextWriter errorStream)

              at Microsoft.SqlServer.Setup.Chainer.Workflow.ActionInvocation.<>c__DisplayClasse.<ExecuteActionWithRetryHelper>b__b()

              at Microsoft.SqlServer.Setup.Chainer.Workflow.ActionInvocation.ExecuteActionHelper(ActionWorker workerDelegate)



      Then the fatal error @ the datamart step:

      017-11-30 11:08:26 INFO: Executing: C:\Program Files\LANDesk\ManagementSuite\CoreDbUtil.exe /buildcomponents /DDON /xml="C:\Program Files\LANDesk\ManagementSuite\datamart.xml" /logpath="C:\ProgramData\LANDESK\ManagementSuite\Install\10.1.30\Log" (Launcher.ExecuteCommandEx())

      2017-11-30 13:11:40 ERROR: Execution of CoreDBUtilDatamart completed. Return code: 1, State: Failure (SetupController.ExecuteCurrentCommand())

      2017-11-30 13:14:01 INFO: Executing command CoreDBUtilDatamart (SetupController.ExecuteCurrentCommand())

      2017-11-30 13:14:01 INFO: Executing: C:\Program Files\LANDesk\ManagementSuite\CoreDbUtil.exe /buildcomponents /DDON /xml="C:\Program Files\LANDesk\ManagementSuite\datamart.xml" /logpath="C:\ProgramData\LANDESK\ManagementSuite\Install\10.1.30\Log" (Launcher.ExecuteCommandEx())

      2017-11-30 13:40:55 ERROR: Execution of CoreDBUtilDatamart completed. Return code: 1, State: Failure

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          phoffmann SupportEmployee

          So this:

          The specified value for setting 'SAPWD' is invalid. The expected value type is SqlSecureString.


          Should translate into "I don't like the SA (SQL Super-admin user) Password you've specified". Not sure where it's running into issue, but one thing we often find is that certain characters (such as '&' and '*' (star) ) can cause problems / be rejected.


          You may want to start with something fairly straight forward such as "Land3sk123!" to see if that helps you (and then possibly change the SA password afterwards).




          COREDBUTIL should have its own log as well - though I'm guessing that it'll fail on actually trying to access the database (if the SA password failed, chances are we can't create the relevant DB user, and therefor related shenanigans ensue).


          Give that a try on a test VM just as a sanity check ... and if it works, you can then revert your server (I'm suggesting reverting your live server as it may end up costing more time to un-do whatever issues SQL Server Express ran into than it wouldbe on resetting it to standard & starting from new. Also "weird state" is a bad starting place for any server).


          Hope that helps / makes sense.

          • 2. Re: IEM 2017.3 SQL express error during install, which then leads to datamart error...
            EZ Apprentice

            thank you for your explanation, I will try to find the CoreDBUtil logs, but plz note that this was encountered using the SQL express option of the installer, i didn't choose any passwords... what is the default password used by the installer - do you know?

            • 3. Re: IEM 2017.3 SQL express error during install, which then leads to datamart error...
              phoffmann SupportEmployee

              I do not ... and the fact that it didn't work is what's got me scratching my head.


              You should still be able to log in / "get SU rights" on account of being local admin (helpful ways to reset / change the SA password can be found in places like this one -- 4 Ways to Reset SA Password in Sql Server - wikiHow ).


              Sounds like a GPO or so got in your way perhaps (best guesstimate).