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    Multiple Install Waiting, Machine Stage-Blank


      How do we Troubleshoot  the below issue for the ACTIVE DEVICE.


      Seems like an AGENT ISSUE, How do i trigger an Install of Pending Installation Packages?



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          Jon Miller Apprentice

          My understanding is:


          In the scheduled tasks, what is the machine stage there? Does that match? If so, it may not have reported the status (success, fail, etc.) back to the core quite yet or the return codes may not be recognized. Very well could be an agent issue. If I recall correctly, Code 0 is a success or no error. Some installers don't send back return codes that ivanti/LANDesk recognize.



          To trigger the package/s, you can run a policy sync and it will refresh what tasks/policies it is suppose to have. The packages won't deploy unless it meets the deployment criteria (install windows, logged out user or not, requires approval, etc.)


          Is the computer connecting to the gateway while this is happening? If it is connected to the gateway (CSA), you must set the deployment method as a policy for the computer to pick up the package (which must be located on the core and via web path http:// and not a UNC path) to install at the time of the policy check-in interval that is set in the agent settings.


          Hopefully this helps!