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    push agent to umanaged devices

    sapperino Apprentice

      How do I push agent to unmanaged devices? I can see the devices I want to push the agent to under unmanaged device discovery but I can't drag them to a task.

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          phoffmann SupportEmployee

          So you *CAN* push them out into a "deploy agent" type task - but I'd argue strongly against wanting to do so.


          Usually MUCH better to grab devices via GPO & advanced agent (for instance).


          The reason a PUSH is the "last resort" to go to is that it's VERY old tech (it's essentially just an RPC / Remote Procedure Call) and does NOT play nice with networks (no peer download, no byte-level checkpoint restart, just "copy it down" without any bandwidth saving) and not much/any resilience if things should go wrong.


          It'll WORK (as long as you give scheduler the relevant credentials -- but it should usually be the last option to go for, for reasons stated above.