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    LANDesk Bare Metal Provision with Serial Number as UID

    jdseymour01716 Apprentice

      Hi guys, just wondering if anyone else is having the same issues I am with Bare Metal provisioning of devices with the Serial Number as the Unique Identifier?


      We are running LANDesk 2016.3 SU5 and trying to deploy devices, especially Surface Pro 4s, which use a shared network adaptor; in this case a Surface Pro 4 dock. That means using the MAC address as the main unique identifier is out, otherwise each new device will wipe out the inventory record of the previous device, and/or the new device tries to use the device name of the last provisioned device.


      PXE booting is working ok. I have un-ticked everything except 'Serial Number' from 'Machine unique identifying attributes' in 'Provisioning Settings' under Operating system provisioning'.


      I add the device under Bare Metal Devices, using the Surface Pro 4's serial number (in the BIOS) as the unique identifier.

      I boot into WinPE and choose my task sequence to deploy Windows 10, and the first action is 'Device Name Prompt'.

      The Device Name Prompt comes up with the ldHostname of the previous Surface Pro 4 I provisioned yesterday.


      If I try deleting the Bare Metal entry and re-start the task-sequence, it runs through 40 of 40, then on the second retry again picks up the ldHostname of the previous device.


      Any thoughts/help?