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    Customer Knowledge dashboard shows all published articles, not just "Customer Knowledge" collection in searches

    jeffnohl Apprentice

      Good afternoon all Ivantiers


      I've got a bit of a curly one, which is probably just some random option that I have set incorrectly.


      The knowledge base in ISM is very much out of the box, and only has "IT Knowledge" and "Customer Knowledge" setup as the collections. Customer knowledge is for customers (self service role), IT Knowledge only visible in other roles.


      From Self service, when customers go to "Search" and look for knowledge articles, the search only finds knowledge articles in the "Customer Knowledge" collection - This is correct.


      But when they go to "Knowledge Centre", all published knowledge articles are listed. This includes articles in both the IT Knowledge and customer knowledge roles. If you click on one of the Customer Knowledge articles, it comes up correctly. If you click on one of the IT Knowledge articles, it comes up as an undefined article or the last article that did work.


      For example:

      We have 38 published customer knowledge articles. If you go to the knowledge base from self service, it shows that there are 107.

      The first one in this list is in customer knowledge, the second is in IT knowledge. Both show the description of the article.


      This is what we see when clicking on the second article.


      So it's hidden, but still should not show up in the first place.


      The permissions for articles are set correctly for the self service role, as per How to limit Self-Service Knowledge to see only certain Collections .


      Would anyone have ideas of why these would show up in the knowledge base? (Or can you say which search is used to build this list?)


      Thanks in advance.