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    PXE not working after adding drivers




      I really have a problem with PXE boot now.
      I have new clients from Lenovo and I have added the drivers from the PREBOOT menue in the IVANTI Management Console.


      But now the whole PXE boot process is broken.


      Any ideas to solve it ?

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          phoffmann SupportEmployee

          What have you done / what is broken and how.


          Clarifying questions:

          * What major version are you on / what update are you on (shouldn't be super relevant here, but it's a good habit to get into).

          * What drivers did you add & how?

          * What is broken exactly / what errors are you seeing?


          If you've added a duff driver to the WinPE image(s) that should only affect boxes that require THAT driver. Say it's a 3COM driver, it shouldn't affect devices with INTEL NIC's for example.


          So I'm more than a bit confused how it is / what you've to "break PXE booting in general" ... more information would be needed here.

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            for some reason the images were broken.

            I have copied the base images from IVANTI to the default location.

            After it I have started the OSD executeable to regenerate the wim files.


            Now is working again.