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    Software blocks 3rd party injections

    Roger1 Apprentice

      Google Will Block Third-Party Software From Injecting Code Into Chrome

      Initially saw this article on HardOCP regarding upcoming changes to Chrome.  Looks like Google will being blocking 3rd party software injections over the coming months.  After recently dealing with this very thing from Hyper-V in the Windows 10 1709 release, I decided it might be best to check in here.  I fear this may turn into a trend with software vendors.  It's been suggested to use WSGs in place of app personalization for trouble apps.  It looks like I may need to start migrating my users of Chrome (luckily it is just bookmarks) to WSG personalization. 


      I'm curious if Ivanti is working on anything to work around having to use WSGs, hiving, or other non-optimal ways of personalization when trouble apps are encountered.