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    Organizing Tasks - ParentObjectID storing a short name, code, sort order

    MarkLarvo Specialist

      We are trying to group and rank our tasks in Dashboards and also use common notification templates where possible.


      I have created a new object called BOAtributes.

      BO Attributes.png


      For Task, using the ParentObjectDisplayID, I would like to populate several of these fields in the Task object.



      • For one type of Knowledge article the ParentObjectDisplayID = "FRS_Knowledge.IssueResolution". This is pretty bad in an email notification. "Knowledge" is enough.
      • We are considering appending codes to user email and displays using the first Parent Code above. The letter would help identify the object calls as the system numbering is similar between all modules.
        • I-12345 is Incident.
        • S-12345 is Service Request
        • C-12345 is Change
      • Tasks would be sorted in Priority using the Rank code of the parent.


      I started to use a Link field and Business Rules but did not get the results I wanted. ParentObjectDisplayID is the field on Task that I think I want to be a link field but it is not.




      Given that the ParentObjectDisplayID is set by the system when the child object is created should this work?

      Do I need to create a new link field that is populated using a trigger rule when ParentObjectDisplayID is updated?

      Should these additional attributes actually be an object extension to something? We desire a single table to manage these attributes instead of adding fields to every object.


      Thank you for any creative ideas you may have. Best - Mark.