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    Displaying multiple projects to an user.


      Hello Community,


      I want to show our customers multiple projects when they log a new ticket in LANDesk. Below is what we have configured in our system currently, knidly suggest what more needs to be added.

      1) We have 'Project' object in Incident Management(a reference list)

      2) We have created a relationship between 'Project' object and 'User' object under System.

      3) We have added this project field as a reference list on 'User Window' i.e while creating/adding any new user we add him to a project through this option.

      4) Now we have a relationship between 'Project' and 'Incident' object.

      5)  We have added this 'Project' field on Incident ticket creation window and added a filter such that user will only see only one value in the dropdown i.e value of the project name that we have selected while adding the user.


      From above, you all may have understood that we can select only 1 value for a project from this.

      What we to achieve is that customer is to be added in multiple project and then while creating the ticket he'll be able to see only those values in 'Project' dropdown.


      Kindly suggest, as this request was raised by customer itself.

      Your help is appreciated

      Thanks in advance!!

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          Julian Wigman ITSMMVPGroup

          I would have thought you‘d need a business linking object between PROJECT and USER if it doesnt already exist; this should then create a related attribute called ”Users” (something named like this) on the project object and “Projects” on the User object?


          You can then drag PROJECT onto Incident to create a one-to-one relationship (dropdown). You should then be able to put a filter on this object and the criteria is where Users equals runtime value RaiseUser.



          MarXtar Ltd

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            Hello Julian,


            Thanks for your reply.

            I have followed your steps but with no success ,


            Please understand the current setup we have in the system and suggest what should I do to achieve the desired result.


            1) 'Project' and 'Incident' already has a one-to-one relationship between them.

            2) The attribute 'Project' is already present on the 'Incident' window as well as End User window.

            3) When I save any new user I select one project from the project dropdown on End user window.

            4) When that user comes to log any new incident he sees only one option(selected in step 4) under the dropdown.

            5) I have achieved this by putting a filter on 'Project' attribute (created by one-to-one relationship) in Incident object.


            I want to add user to multiple projects (say 2 projects) and then whenever he comes to log a new Incident ticket he must be able to see those selected two projects only in the dropdown.

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              Hi Julian,


              Thanks a ton!!!


              We have achieved what was desired. Thank you