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    Setting alerts for software changes


      I wish to create an email alert for any changes in Add/Remove Programs--whether a program is installed or removed. I read a previous thread on this topic (Recieve alerts when new programs are installed? ) and also consulted the materials on this topic (Monitoring and Alerting ). I have done the following so far:


      • Modified the Inventory Change Settings to log events and create an alert regarding the name of any program added or removed under Add or Remove Programs
      • Created a ruleset specifying any alerts for Add or Remove Programs be emailed to me
      • Deployed the new ruleset to my computer


      However, I tested a few times by installing programs that do create entries under Add or Remove Programs, but no alert arrived. Nothing is listed in the Alert log of LDMS. There is no sendmail log file in the root of the LDMS installation directory. I am at a loss as to what I am missing. The training video (DOC-5674) did not shed any light on the problem.


      We are using LDMS 9.50. My computer is running Windows 10 x64 Version 1703.

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          phoffmann SupportEmployee

          You can do it - enabling/using INVENTORY HISTORY -- and setting an alert when something changes.


          And then you can set the attribute(s) you want to monitor & what you want to happen:


          <Thsi is an example - ADD/REMOVE programs may not be >


          However, that's quite likely to cause you potentially a lot of alerts (as EVERY change will trigger one).


          This is something to be used with care though - Inventory History VERY MUCH has the potential to blow up the DB (hence "use with care" and regularly clear it out!). It's really not the sort of feature you jsut want to turn on & then forget about.




          Also - good habits to get into to make our lives easier & get better answers more relevant to you:

          • State what version / service update you're on (can make big differences!)
          • State what client OS'es you're using (can be a factor, but not in this instance).
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            Thank you for the response. I will remember to place the software versions at the beginning of my future postings rather than at the bottom, so the information isn't overlooked.


            I had already selected the attributes you illustrated in INVENTORY HISTORY. Maybe something is wrong in my rule set.

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              phoffmann SupportEmployee

              Hmm - start easy / "low" to ensure stuff "is there" perhaps?


              Check the boxes for "Inventory" / "NT Log" ... and check whether there's notifications there.


              If you see notifications (should be in the Application Event Log", if memory serves) then "the stuff is registering fine", and you will likely need to bash out the detail in your alerting rule for sure.


              Just to eliminate any possibility of bugs or whatnot messing with you.