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    History in Workspaces


      Hi Folks,


      Our management want us to start using Workspaces for end users.


      We've managed to configure it to be usable, but the whole thing may be scuppered by the History panel.


      For some insane reason, there seems to be no way to prevent End users from seeing the entire history.


      This includes notes that have configured to be internal, inter-departmental assignments, automated actions - the works.


      I may be missing something simple (the documentation for Workspaces is very sparse) but we urgently need some way to prevent users from having access to all of our internal conversations.


      Scripts, hacks, whatever.


      I know we can theoretically redesign all of our processes and windows with automated actions to hide fields etc., but this is a LOT of work.


      Any help gratefully appreciated.


      Cheers - Adam.

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          Peter Weighill Specialist

          You need to use the 2017.3 version as histroy can be disabled for end users in that one.

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            Thanks Peter,


            Unfortunately we can't simply upgrade - we are tied to annual updates under rigorous project control, and the next is scheduled for 2018.


            Hence my hope for a script/hack/hotfix!


            Cheers - Adam.

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              Julian Wigman ITSMMVPGroup

              Adam, if you are under ”rigorous project control” what is more project risky, updating to 2017.3 or hacking the product (assuming you could) making is potentially unsupportable by Ivanti Support? Surely if it is that critical to fix then an upgrade is also a possibility or they wait depending on who is shouting loudest.


              I think you’ve more chance of being struck by lightening that this being retrofitted as a hotfix especially now it is in the main code branch!  



              MarXtar Ltd

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                Julian Wigman ITSMMVPGroup

                ..,not to mention that if you upgrade you also get full business object copy rule support plus Change Group though I concede the latter isnt that useful in End User Workspaces.



                MarXtar Ltd

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                  Hi Julian,


                  It's not a case of not wanting to upgrade again this year - it's simply that they won't let us do it - we are only able to upgrade key corporate products such as Service Desk once per year.


                  We are booking in the next upgrade for summer 2018 (we only upgraded last in June).


                  Otherwise I'd love to be able to upgrade and resolve the issue.


                  Unfortunately, we have for years been running the product with optional internal notes which are hidden from the end user, and which we certainly don't want them to be able to see.


                  Hence my appeal for help.



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                    Julian Wigman ITSMMVPGroup

                    Can you not just use a window view to make the end user notes window fields hidden such that just a blank form opens as a workaround for now?  Maybe additionally in combination with a dynamic window calc if your private and public notes are in the same Business Object segregated only by a flag atttribute.



                    MarXtar Ltd

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                      Peter Weighill Specialist

                      You can use a Dynamic Window calculation such as the following to hide the body of the notes if set to private.


                      import System

                      static def GetAttributeValue(Note):

                          HideNoteText = false

                          if Note.IsPrivate == true:

                              HideNoteText = true

                          return String.Format(":SetHidden(Text, {0});",HideNoteText)

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                        Julian Wigman ITSMMVPGroup

                        Yes that is if the notes are all in one object as per my last post but I have also seen other customers create a completely different business object for private notes as well so it depends on which direction Adam has taken here.



                        MarXtar Ltd

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                          Thanks Guys,


                          We are just using the standard Notes object for all processes. though we have varying complexity on what shows where (not just a boolean), partly because we use notes after most automatic actions for a clearer history.


                          Some of the text fields we show are already calculations so will need looking at.


                          Our Service Management team don't want customers to be able to open notes from history that are blank, so we would need to agree, and then present an alternative text via the same windows calc.


                          Not difficult technically, but it's a real problem fighting to get permission and agreed downtime for any changes to objects and processes these days - and there will be many hours of meetings and documentation before such a change gets approved.


                          It does look like our only option though.


                          Cheers again.



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                            Hi Julian/Peter,


                            Just to let people know we went down the Windows Calc route - which was actually easier than I'd thought as we only needed to do the Notes object on Incident and Request.


                            So it was only about 20 minutes work in the end!


                            What we did:


                            Created a new -1 string HTML attribute on  Incident > Note  called “Text End User”

                            Set the default value to “Your support call was progressed by your IT Support team” (or whatever).


                            Create a new -1 string attribute on Incident > Note called WinCalcEndUser


                            Add the following Window calculation to the new attribute:


                            import System

                            static def GetAttributeValue(Note):

                            HideNoteText = false

                            ShowNoteText = true

                            if Note._NotifyRaiseUser == true:

                            HideNoteText = true

                            ShowNoteText = false

                                   return String.Format(":SetHidden(Text, {1});:SetHidden(_TextEndUser,{0});",HideNoteText,ShowNoteText)



                            With the dependency:  _NotifyRaiseUser


                            In Window Manager, open the relevant Note window:


                            • Add the new “Text End User” field immediately below the existing Text field.
                            • Add the WinCalcEndUser attribute as Hidden
                            • Set the Notify Raise User as “Calculate on Change” = True (under properties).


                            Save the window.


                            Repeat for requests.


                            Thanks again.