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    User-delayable O2K7 package runs again after successful deploy

    Silvercoupe Apprentice

      Core and clients are 8.8 SP2


      I'm preparing an Office 2007 Deploy for all 2300ish workstations in our environment.  I've created a VBS which controls the installation and kicks off a few other Office add-in installations as well as copies icons to various folders etc.  The Office files themselves are packed up using WinRAR and are extracted to a local folder on each workstation by the VBS before installation.  We're keeping the files local in case the original install point is needed for future updates or when we migrate to Outlook from GroupWise.  I'm using a Windows Script Host package in LANDesk to deploy with the VBS as the primary file and the packed up RAR as the additional file.  I'm using a VBS so LANDesk will not report back "Successful" until the script completes.


      I created a delivery method with the following options:



      -Download from Source

      -Require Non-RAS

      -Always Reboot

      -No Dynamic Bandwidth Throttle

      -Display Progress to User

           -Show Successful/Failed status

           -Allow user to delay 1 hour up to 3 times

           -After 2 hours Run the package

           -Customized message on deferral

      -Required Once


      I deployed this package successfully to a laptop this morning.  The first prompt came up showing the Custom message.  The user clicked "Install now".  Once the files were downloaded the installation kicked off and went just fine.  LANDesk popped a message stating a reboot was required and started the countdown.  The user rebooted and when they logged back in LANDesk popped the "Task Successful" message.  All was good.


      About 30 minutes later, the same user called up saying they got the "Office 2007 installation ready" message again.  When they clicked "Install now" the "Task Successful" message came up immediately.


      My worry is that when I turn this policy on for all that some if not all our users will get the task a second time.  Does anyone know why this might happen?