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    CC'ing owner on analyst emails

    ggarcia@marchofdimes.org Apprentice

      We recently launched HEAT SM within our organization and are still learning the ropes.  One issue we've observed is that if an analyst uses the email feature on a ticket, the analyst isn't notified when a customer replies to the email - instead the reply gets added to the ticket silently.  To get around this we've been instructing our analysts to CC themselves on any email that gets sent out which has been working great, but I just wanted to check if there are any other workarounds for this issue.

      Is there a way to get alerted for responses to emails other than CC'ing the owner? Is there a way to default the owner to the CC field rather than making them go through the steps each time?

      Also - on those emails, is there a way to default the font to something more PC friendly? Times New Roman = no bueno.