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    Attempting to deploy the You Send It Outlook client. Can't seem to figure this thing out.

    Froggmann Apprentice



      Going out of my mind with this damned package, if I still had hair it would be pulled out by now. Probably joined by a little bit o scalp too...


      Anyways, here's my boggle. We have a companywide You Send It account and to help streamline things I'm trying to setup a deployment package so I don't have to touch 300+ boxes. I have 0 experience with building .MSI files, just knowledge of deploying them. If I could figure out how to build them I would probably have this done by now. Great I'm rambling like a mad man.



      Anyways, here's what I have tried so far, keep in mind I don't want to show the users anything more than a progress bar and none of them have admin rights for a reason.


      Package Builder: Successful but useless since it installed it to the wrong account (Mine)

      AutoIt Script: Complete failure, worked fine on my test box but when promoted to the big leagues it just stood there like a drooling turnip.

      Switches, yea freaking right.

      Create an .MSI: can't figure out the editors that I have tried.




      Anyone have any tips, pointers, bright-ass spotlights to point the right direction?


      Oh yea LANDesk Management core 8.8 SP2, working with Windows XP boxes.

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