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    pick list filter


      Dear All,

      I am trying to filter a pick list in order to get the list of employees that are linked to a bo called Cost centre on a 1 to n relationship.

      I can't get this filter as, using the clause [CostCentre#.CostCentreAssocBudgetHolder]RecId is not empty, the list is right but with some duplicated values.

      Has anyone a better way to do that?

      I have already tried to use the clause $([ValidationList]FieldName) unsuccessfully


      Many thanks,



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          rosscarins Employee

          Hi Simone,


          I'm not sure whether it will work the way you trying. But a different way to do it could be to have a boolean field on Employee that is marked as True whenever on the creation of the relationship between employee & CostCentre (using a business rule). That way your constraint should be as easy as 'BooleanField' = True'.




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            SteveGutierrez Rookie

            Hello Simone,


            I agree with Ross's suggestion; add a boolean and also a rule to update the new field.


            As for the duplicate values - depending on the number of employees in your table, you may be seeing duplicates because the display field is DisplayName and there are likely to be duplicate first and last name combinations (such as Mike Jones). You can test this theory by looking up one of the duplicates, noting the email or loginID, and then change the display field to email or loginID. Compare your results to determine if you're still getting duplicate values or if they just appear to be duplicate values but are actually referencing different employees.


            ~ Steve G