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    PowerShell  -----  windows jujitsu -----


      Hi All readers ,

      Using Appsense for a few years, I firmly believe that powershell of windows can be awesome kitana for the appsense every guru. I would request you all to please comment and provide your ideas or experiences if you had with powershell w.r.t appsense.




      Happy whitelisting

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          timothyb SupportEmployee

          It's possible to script using PowerShell using the standard Scripted rule.  This tends to be used for license control on Terminal/Citrix servers.  The scripts tend to query a centralized text file with a list of device that are allowed to run applications that are licensed per device rather than per user e.g. Microsoft Office.


          PowerShell scripts have recently been added to the Custom rules in the latest versions of AC.  There are a couple of differences in how the two rules are handled.  Scripted rules are run typically once as the user logs on or once by the computer.  Custom rules are more flexible and by default can be run on every process launch.  However it's worth bearing in mind that because of this additional overhead of Custom Rules, they only apply to Process Starts and not loading of DLLs.  This behaviour can be changed with the Custom Setting "EnableCustomRulesDllChecking" but check the impact on system performance before pushing out to production.

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            mattw SupportEmployee

            There is also the UWM Tools and Tips Exchange to keep an eye on.  Happy scripting