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    Attributes missing from web desk but showing in console

    andrew.strakis Apprentice

      Current version of Service Desk 2016.4 (Upgraded from 7.7.3).


      This has happened a few times to me now and I want to see if anyone has found a fix for this, instead of having to build a new window from scratch.



      Seems to be affecting old windows created before an upgrade to the Service Desk. When matching any change to an attribute on a window it then never displays in Web Desk. It will however still be available on a console window.


      Attempts to fix (an IISRESET has been preformed after each of these attempts):

      • Removed attribute > Saved > Readded > Saved > Still missing.
      • Moved attribute out of a group box > Still missing.
      • Set to 'False' for Show on window > Saved > Set back to 'True' > Still missing.
      • Delete Web Access Window > Create for Web Desk > Still missing. (Only available if the Window isn't part of a Window Rule I believe).


      Work around:

      Rebuild the entire window from stratch is the only work around I've found so far



      Does anyone have a fix for this instead of rebuilding the Window?