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    Slow Service Catalogue Performance

    sintonsa Rookie

      Hi Folks,


      We are encountering an issue where users are complaining about slow loading times for the service catalogue in self service. These users have a role that publishes only a certain number of services (around 50) to them and can take up to 30 seconds to a couple of minutes for it to load for the users. All the services in our service catalogue (520 in total), are published to the administrator role and also a custom made role for our Service Request Management team. Once a user gets either of these administrator or Service Request manager roles, the performance issue disappears and the service catalogue will load in 3 -5 seconds, which would be the norm. We are on Service Desk 2016.3.


      So we are seeing that the more services published to a role, the quicker the service catalogue loads. We've tried countless things to try and get to the bottom of it but with no luck. We've stripped the privileges from the service request managers role but it had no impact. We've created a new role and published a few services to it and it was slow to load. We then published all the services to the new role and the service catalogue loads quickly without the performance issue.  Makes no sense to us that the more you have published, the quicker it loads.


      Anyone had anything similar or have an idea for what might be causing the issue?