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    Asset Tracking Situation...

    JohnO Specialist

      Hello Everyone,


      I need your suggestion regarding asset tracking. Usually when I deploy an equipment for example a laptop, I assign it to a technician that will reimage the laptop and he/she will then re-assign the laptop to a new user. The person who reimages the laptop usually does a test and logs in using his/her domain user name and password and shows on Landesk MS that laptop serial # is assigned to the technician who logged in. My question is, will Landesk MS re-assign the laptop to the user who logged on to the domain when the laptop is turned on and connected to the work network? We have an issue where the laptop is still assigned to the technician's name even when the user logged onto the domain with their own username and password. Help!

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          Julian Wigman ITSMMVPGroup

          JohnO this is probably more a question for the Ivanti Endpoint Manager (IEM) forum.


          What IEM attribute are you importing into Service Desk as the “owner”;  I’m surmising it is the “primary owner” field in IEM? 


          If so this field has a rule that it only changes value after a number of logons for the same user; I think the default is after 10 logons to the PC it assumes that user to now be the owner. The rule can be changed or you could use the lastlogon attribute instead but the “how“ for the rule change is more for the IEM forum guys if this is what you want to do.



          MarXtar Ltd

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            As Julian mentioned, EPM uses a number of logins to determine the Primary Owner. By default this is 5, and is a user configurable setting. It can be set to a low of 1, or a high of 16.


            This works by assuming that whomever has logged in the most out of "x" logins is the owner. At the default of 5, if the tech has logged in 2 times, and the new user logs in one, the tech is still the Primary Owner. However, if the new user logs in 2 more times, for a total of 3, they have now logged in more than any other user in the last 5 logins, and they will be the Primary Owner.


            When you say re-assign, it would help to know more about the specifics of your process flow. EPM doesn't have a concept of assignment as far as devices go, just inventory attributes that happen to contain user information.

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              JohnO Specialist

              JulianWigman and Recursion You both are awesome! There was a post online titled "How Login Name, FullName, and Primary Owner are gathered by Inventory" that tells exactly the same suggestions you both provided. Thank you so much for a quick and accurate response! I really appreciate it.

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                Julian Wigman ITSMMVPGroup

                JohnO maybe you can Mark this one as completed.



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                  phoffmann SupportEmployee

                  Let us know if there's other stuff you may be stuck with.


                  As a general guideline, I keep stating that "you can do the exact same thing in 3 different ways" ... it's usually more of question of "HOW do I..." rather than "CAN I..." .