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    Appsense rocks !


      Using Appsense , one can control RANSOMWARE attack for which exact signatures or AV/AS vendor definitions are not immediately available. People think Appsense is just a whitelisting or blacklisting applications, rather it is way above that bar. 


      I have found Appsense utilities in :


      1. ransomeware spread control

      2. administrators mis using their powers

      3. controlling unnecessary application executions (that are working with proper change requests)

      4. custom message creations and playing with environment variables.

      5. permitting specific users to uninstall applications

      and some more.





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          timothyb SupportEmployee

          Hi Kam,


          Thanks for the update, glad you're finding the software useful.  If you have any questions please feel free to post them.  Alternatively if you feel like you can answer any of the posts on the forum, you will receive points for your profile.