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    Profile management


      Hi This is Ajay fro CHI Wintel Support.

      We are facing an issue related to outlook 2013 users profile managed by Appsense EM.


      Issue: User login into her Horizon View VDI through one account and get into her desktop easily and looks good but when she enter into outlook 2013 she get her default account without any problem, now till this every thing was fine now when she has added a new account into her mail that account get vanished after the logoff and re login with new VDI(floating assignment).


      Now issue is this she don't want to configure her outlook for second account every time when login into VDI, it should be permanent like default mail account.


      Note: VDI is non persistence or floating get deleted as user log off, i have checked users default profile is saved under EM but no record for other domain account.

      Its was working fin till we have upgraded 2010 to 2013 but after 2013 up gradation now this issue occurred.


      Any help would be very much appreciated.