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    Profile Capture / User Migration Assistant Missing in EM 2017.3

    SpencerTC Apprentice

      Hello, community!

      I just recently updated my Ivanti Endpoint Manager from 2017.1 to 2017.3 after learning (from the Ivanti Bootcamp) that 2017.3 has integrated the Profile Capture / User Migration Assistant from AppSense.

      According to the official Ivanti Endpoint Manager 2017.3 users guide, we should have access to this "UMA" (User Migration Assistant). However, after selecting the Capture Profile action in the Capture Template within OS Provisioning, we are completely unable to find any folder named "UMA" or find any indication that the tool is there.

      In fact, the actual guide doesn't offer much insight to the actual tool.


      My question is whether or not this tool was actually implemented in 2017.3 as we were told within our Ivanti Bootcamp course. If it was, I'd like to know how to find it and use it. We have a massive Windows 10 deployment project underway, and we cannot migrate to Windows 10 until we have a secured and confirmed working method of backing up user data.


      Does anyone have any insight on this?