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    Modified date - Resolved Date?

    bsorensen Apprentice

      Very new to figuring out some of the settings.


      Here is the concern I have


      We have a SLA of 15 minutes during events that my team supports.  I am able to pull a report of all the tickets opened on event days, and check how long it took to resolve the incident.  When running a report today, a big glaring issue arouse.


      Here is my dilemma.

      Our standard is to mark an incident as resolved when its fixed, makes sense.  Then after 12 days (this is too long IMO) the ticket is moved to Closed.  This impacts the modified date.  Instead of me seeing Incidents that are opened and closed in a timely fashion, all my previous in SLA incidents are now WAY out of SLA.


      Here is the question

      How can I see the Audit trail to get the actual date and time an incident was marked resolved?


      any help is appreciated.