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    Email communications from an prior email replacing the from address (reply, reply all, forward)

    ggarcia@marchofdimes.org Apprentice

      When we open a ticket in the system as an analyst we have the ability to view prior email communications that have been sent regarding the ticket.

      At the top of the prior communications are buttons to reply, reply all and forward.

      Clicking any of those will replace the from address with the analysts email address.

      We don't have our system setup to route emails as analysts, instead it can only route from our main service desk email address. Secondly, we would prefer to have these emails come from the service desk email account so that any replies to these emails can be tracked through the listener.


      2 options which I was hoping to get some advice on:

      1) is there a way to remove the reply, reply all and forward buttons from the top of the prior communications?

      2) is there a way to default the from address when using the reply, reply all and forward buttons to be the service desk system email?