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    Profile Migration - Profile Import Flag

    jmbecker Rookie

      Hello everyone,


      We're currently in the process of testing Environment Manager to get it ready for a rollout, but I've run into an issue that I need some guidance with.  We have Citrix MCS machines in our environment, and we want to import a profile from the network into these environments.  We're using them as Desktop servers for thin client or mini PC users.  The issue that we're running into is that those machines are not saving changes made by the user.  This means that after the servers are restarted overnight, Environment Manager thinks that it has to import the profile fresh once again.  We're fine for differing sessions throughout the day, we only get the profile importing erroneously on the first logon of the day.


      I've tried to find some information on a flag or registry entry that gets set upon successful import, but I haven't found much information.  If we want these profiles to only import once and then capture personalization via the personalization server thereafter, what should we be looking to do?  We're not keen on changing settings on the Citrix machines themselves to save changes.  Any help is greatly appreciated, and I can give more information if what I'm saying is a little jumbled.  Thanks!

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          Landon Winburn ITSMMVPGroup

          I assume you are using the Profile Import tab on your personalization group. This is "flagged" internally so you don't need to tell it not to run more than once. If it is running more than once then chances are the import is failing. I've seen this many times with profiles that have a lot of files in them. You don't by chance have IE cookies and history added as a managed item do you? Chrome?

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            jmbecker Rookie

            Yes, we're using the Profile Migration tab set to "Import existing user settings to Personalization".  The profile lives on our network.  As far as what we're managing, we've got the IE cookies and history being managed, and we've also got the Google Chrome personalization set up.


            I've thought that the import may be failing as well, but when I look into my Personalization Operations under my user (which is what I'm doing the testing with), there aren't any errors.  I've got 100% under both the Applications and Shared Windows Settings Groups, but I've only got an 8% under the Conditional Windows Settings Groups. There aren't any errors being reported in PersOps either when looking under the Migration tab.  Is there another way to see if the import is failing?

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              Landon Winburn ITSMMVPGroup

              Logs from the client would be the real way to find out. Try removing chrome and IE cookies and see if it resolves your issue.