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    Can we set up a new environment (landscape) on the same application servers ?

    DrizztLU Apprentice

      Hi everyone,


      I'm asked to provide a light version of my ticketing to another department, something standalone and totally separated from our data.

      If I understand the structure we have, there's multiple tenant (staging, production,...) in one landscape (My Main company). So I would have to create a new landscape with its own tenant.


      Question is, Can I and How can I install this new landscape on the servers already in place?

      Current Install is 1Db server with two ConfigDb (STG and PRD), 2 application server with 3 tenants (STG-UAT-PRD)


      Also, I would like to have my two departments unaware of each other (one would still access via the first URL and the second one would get the second URL as only mean of logging in)


      Thanks for your help