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    Is there a way to have survey results sent to a manager based on a yes/no survey question

    SandroPineda Rookie

      Currently, surveys are configured to on a trigger action which sends out a survey when Incidents are closed or service requests are fulfilled.


      I'm trying to see if I can have another alert/email sent to the Manager of the team that serviced the incident/request based on the result of the last survey question.

      ex. Last question on survey could be "Would you like a manager to contact you regarding this incident/service request? Yes/No [Radio Button]


      Also, is there any way to add a free form text box to add comments to each individual question which has already been configured as Radio Button.

      •            I already tried the "Last answer contains text box" checkbox but that only adds a small box to the last answer. Id like a paragraph text box underneath each question to explained responses.


      Is this possible? I read somewhere the surveys are not service managed objects or something of the sort so functionality is limited.


      Also if anybody knows of any work around that would be much appreciated!


      Running HEAT version. 2015.2.1001.13310


      Thank you

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          Jonathan.Schmidt SupportEmployee

          For your first question, the actual answer data for survey questions are stored, one answer per row, in the FRS_SurveyResults object.  It's probably possible to set automation in that object that would find the situation you want an email sent to the manager and trigger it.  The design would be fairly complex though as you'd need to filter just to the one question and then map through the other fields to the Incident / SR / etc it's related to and find the appropriate Manager and customer information.


          As far as the second item, you've found all the options for the radio button option as far as text input goes.  If you want a large text field related to a radio button question you'll need to add another question of text or essay type and formulate the question to ask about their answer to the last one, i.e. - "Please explain your answer on the question above"


          For both of these situations, they sound like they would be great ideas for OOTB functionality and I encourage you to log one or both of these ideas to the enhancement request "uservoice" portal:


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          When you create an idea, please describe both the problem or pain you're experiencing as well as your suggested solution to that problem. It can also be useful to describe specifically how you would use the new feature if it were built, as well as how you are dealing with the problem today. The better your explanation and logic, the better your chances of attracting positive votes from other users and ensuring a response from Product Management.

          Thanks in advance for your feedback.

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