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    Template failing during system configuration pass due to credentials


      So I am trying to deploy a Windows 10 Enterprise LTSB image via PXE booting. It is failing during the final system configuration page.

      ConfigHandler.log shows

      017-12-21 13:54:39(7312-9212) ConfigHandler.exe:Attempting traditional agent install.

      2017-12-21 13:54:39(7312-9212) ConfigHandler.exe:LDLogon Path: \\{THECOREFQDN}\ldlogon

      2017-12-21 13:54:40(7312-9212) ConfigHandler.exe:Mapping drive using preferred server credentials

      2017-12-21 13:54:46(7312-9212) ConfigHandler.exe:Could not get credentials for \\{THECOREFQDN}\ldlogon

      2017-12-21 13:54:46(7312-9212) ConfigHandler.exe:Check to make sure preferred server credentials are correct. May need FQDN and shortname entries.

      2017-12-21 13:54:46(7312-9212) ConfigHandler.exe:Could not connect to \\{THECOREFQDN}\ldlogon,

      2017-12-21 13:54:46(7312-9212) ConfigHandler.exe:Connecting to path returned: 100003

      2017-12-21 13:54:46(7312-9212) ConfigHandler.exe:config tool \\{THECOREFQDN}\ldlogon\wscfg32.exe was not found.

      2017-12-21 14:01:43(1476-2728) ConfigHandler.exe:Could not find tag request

      2017-12-21 14:02:01(5056-5924) ConfigHandler.exe:Could not find tag request

      and HIICLIENT.log shows

      2017-12-21 13:54:49(9088-9084) HIIClient:*****************  Starting HIIClient *****************

      2017-12-21 13:54:49(9088-9084) HIIClient:Command line args: /uncpath /forceunsigned /taskid 947

      2017-12-21 13:54:49(9088-9084) HIIClient:Running in Windows

      2017-12-21 13:54:49(9088-9084) HIIClient:GetImageSystemDirectory: c:\Windows

      2017-12-21 13:54:49(9088-9084) HIIClient:GetImageSystemDirectory: c:\Windows

      2017-12-21 13:54:49(9088-9084) HIIClient:HII Proxy Location: http://{THECOREFQDN}/LANDesk/ManagementSuite/Core/Core.WebServices/hii.asmx

      2017-12-21 13:54:50(9088-9084) HIIClient:Driver path found: \\{THECOREFQDN}\Images\Drivers

      2017-12-21 13:54:50(9088-9084) HIIClient:Determining OS version and architecture.

      2017-12-21 13:54:50(9088-9084) HIIClient:Found key "CurrentMajorVersionNumber".  Assuming this is Windows 10 or greater.  Will check for "CurrentMinorVersionNumber".

      2017-12-21 13:54:50(9088-9084) HIIClient:OS Major version: 10

      2017-12-21 13:54:50(9088-9084) HIIClient:OS Minor version: 0

      2017-12-21 13:54:50(9088-9084) HIIClient:OS Product type: 0

      2017-12-21 13:54:50(9088-9084) HIIClient:Major and Minor version and product type gathered.

      2017-12-21 13:54:50(9088-9084) HIIClient:GetImageSystemDirectory: c:\Windows

      2017-12-21 13:54:50(9088-9084) HIIClient:Architecture is: AMD64

      2017-12-21 13:54:50(9088-9084) HIIClient:source path to download: \\{THECOREFQDN}\Images\Drivers\drivers.db3

      2017-12-21 13:54:50(9088-9084) HIIClient:dest path for download: c:\Windows\LDDriverStore\drivers.db3

      2017-12-21 13:54:51(9088-9084) HIIClient:Failed to download the driver.db3 file - HII will not continue

      2017-12-21 13:54:51(9088-9084) HIIClient:Failed to get driver files list.

      2017-12-21 13:54:51(9088-9084) HIIClient:ProcessDrivers failed.

      2017-12-21 13:54:51(9088-9084) HIIClient:GetImageSystemDirectory: c:\Windows


      The odd thing is that if after the template fails and leaves me at the desktop, if I open a command prompt as Administrator (I am not on the domain yet, just a local, non domain joined pc) and run hiiclient.exe /preview, it connects fine and shows me all of the drivers that it would download.


      I have tried taking a working Windows 10 Pro template, cloning it and just pointing it to this Win10 Enterprise LTSB captured .WIM file, just in case I had an error when I created my template, however I get the same problem, where the Win 10 Pro template executes with no errors.


      I have went through all the steps to mount my boot.wim file, and check the FQDN of the core, and make sure the right keys are in the boot.wim. I don't think this was ever an issue, because I do have templates that work.


      I will attach my logs, thank you for any help.


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