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    Reassign Task

    tdale@lynden.com Apprentice

      When we try and reassign a task we are getting an error that the "username" is not in the list of validated field Task.Assignment.Owner. 


      This is using a button quick action.


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          vinvivek Apprentice

          There might be some Business Rule (Editing/Calculation or Triggered) trying to update current user as Task Owner on edit of Owner Team and gives error if the current user is not listed in the team selected through QA prompt.

          In our case, for same button we also have prompt to select Owner (different pick list) in the QA as it is a required field.

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            DTurner Expert

            I would suggest checking the Owner field and ensuring the pick list is the same as the one used in the prompt, or with an added constraint.

            Could simply be that the value field is set to loginID instead of display name or something similar.

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              vinvivek Apprentice

              There is no prompt with pick list for Owner listed in QA (in the pic above). The only one listed is for Owner Team. Also even if you use LoginID instead of display name in the pick list it still works, we are using value field as LoginID and display field is display name.

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                DTurner Expert

                Ah of course, my mistake Vinvivek.

                In that case, I would agree with your assessment that there is likely a mismatch between the Owner and validated Owners based on the Team selection.

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                  tdale@lynden.com Apprentice

                  We found that our LDAP import was putting the Org Unit in as designed but a few employees it was not liking.  By changing the Org Unit to the root, saving and putting back resolved the issue.