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    Modify knowledge search drop-down list

    geroms Apprentice

      We are currently only utilizing two Knowledge objects (Issue & Resolution and Reference).  When searching for knowledge, you are presented with a drop-down list that allows you to either search all knowledge (by default) or you can select a specific object to search in - see screen print below:



      To avoid confusion, i would like to remove all of the object choices from this drop-down list other than Knowledge, Issue & Resolution and Reference.  Does anyone know of a way to do this?

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          rosscarins Employee



          The way that particular drop down works I don't think it's possible to remove the options you aren't using. I'd probably suggest adding this as an Idea for product mgt to consider.




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            geroms Apprentice

            Ivanti Support provided me with a solution that works...


            In Configure Application go to the Roles and permissions and find the role you want to hide the knowledge types for. Then go to object permissions and find the knowledge type to hide. Then uncheck the add, view, edit and delete permissions for the object. See screen shot below.  In this example, we are limiting the knowledge search drop-down to only display Knowledge, IssueResolution and Reference as those are the only types that we use. 


            If anyone does this though, just be sure to remove the objects (that you removed permission from above) from Incident Object Matching (if you use it).  I had Object Matching searching ALL knowledge types so when I removed the object permissions above, I got an error in Incident when Incident Object Matching attempted to search the KB.  If you don't know already, see below for an example of how you control what objects Objecting Matching searches.  Notice how I am only searching Reference and Issue / Resolution now.  By default, Incident Object Matching attempts to search all KB objects.


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              rosscarins Employee

              Ahh of course, that makes sense. Thanks for the update.