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    temp user


      Dear Team


      I have 150 users in appsense, but i dont know why, have one only machine i give or chave everytime logon to tempo user,


      I delete the folder in appsense\profile but still problem


      in te user personalization i delete configs in personalizations groups but still the problem


      could help me please

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          randyb1 SupportEmployee

          Inconsistent profile information is often the cause for temporary profiles.  When you delete a profile, the corresponding registry entry must be removed as well.


          For example, if I delete the "C:\Users\Randy" folder, I also need to delete the registry entry related to that profile.  It can be found here:



          If you use the User Profiles applet in advanced system settings to delete profiles, it deletes the corresponding values in both locations for you.  You can also use the DELPROF2.EXE utility to clean up stale/unused profiles.

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            Landon Winburn ITSMMVPGroup

            Getting a temp profile has nothing to do with personalization. In fact if you were to stop the user virtualization service I would have to believe that the issue will persist. The issue is probably with your default profile, mandatory profile, or with the profile still listed in the profilelist key. After you logoff, go to the system properties advanced tab and remove the profile from there.

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              Dont create to my user, and dont create profile.bak


              but i delete temp, and next login create temp.001, and temp.002

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                So any machine i create and use this login, create a profile temp.


                have a tip?

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                  Landon Winburn ITSMMVPGroup

                  Does this user have a mandatory or roaming profile assigned?

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                    My machine i log this user in my machine log with a temp user


                    I create new one machine log this user log to temp


                    i create new user and log the same machine log normal!!!


                    i logoff another machine and log with this login , log temp user


                    just this user log to temp

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                      How i check about mandatory and roming, i ` m new user app sense, and my boss on holiday...